Pallet Storage / Inventory Management

At our warehouses inventory movements are continuously recorded on our warehouse management system (WMS). Each item whether it be a carton or pallet is tracked in and out of the warehouses. Our WMS database provides real time updates on product quantities, batch numbers, expiry dates, pallet id numbers, inwards and outbound docket numbers. Each transaction is logged by date so accurate stock levels or historical product analysis can be provided at anytime.To enhance food safety our HACCP plan is strictly adhered to for inventory stored for use in food production .Pallet & Inventory storage is  provided for long or short term contracts and for large or small quantities of stock.Warehouses can be adapted to customers specific requirements .Racking is available to provide a variety of storage options thereby reducing storage space and keeping  storage costs at a minimum.Competitive rates are available for pallet storage and for large or small quantities.

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